Things to do in Oregon this Fall 2016

I was just thinking it would be nice to share things that are going on in Oregon this fall.  I know for me it can be hard to plan ahead and make sure to do fun things as a family.  So as a little help and inspiration for you all and for me as well, I thought I would just look up some ideas for fun things to put on the calendar.  We have had exchange students stay with us for some time over the last several summers.  For our family it really helped us to get out and have fun and do things that we might otherwise have passed up.  Now that we don’t have a guest staying with us to show around, I want to still make time for our family to get out and do new things.  How about you?  I would love to hear your input on what you are going to get out and do for fun this Fall.

Do you have something that you do every Fall?  Pumpkin patch, corn maze, a festival?  I’m thinking our family needs to start some new traditions.  This summer we headed to the river several times.  That has become a tradition that we started about four years ago.  This summer we did some hiking and I think that will be a new regular on our list.

So here are a few sites that I found that you can peruse and pick out fun activities from:

By the way, I took this picture on a recent hike this summer with our student from France.  She wanted to see Multnomah falls, and this is another one just up the road, Wahkeena Falls.


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