My baby is turning one!

It’s always hard to believe how the time goes by so fast and babies change before our eyes into a little explorer.  First their birth is anticipated for months, we prepare for  their arrival, and finally the day is here, the moment we’ve waited for.  Sweet little joy has arrived.  Cuddly and cute baby that keeps us up all hours of the night.  So many changes in that first year.

My sweet little boy was born last September and is almost one year old!  Only a year ago we were anticipating his arrival.  Not knowing what day or if we were having a boy or a girl.  Now he is walking, all over the place.  He’s reaching up for whatever he can get into.  He’s happy to get to the toilet and splish and splash.  And hey, if he finds a toothbrush on his way, he’ll even brush his teeth.  With toilet water.  Okay, this only happened once (that I know of) but I’m sure he’d happily repeat it.


So, I’m finding it’s a good time to use gates and shut doors.  That’s not always possible though with many people in the house.  So far the gate works okay to keep my little guy in one room when I need to.  Although the other little ones are becoming quite proficient at climbing over the gate, so it doesn’t help so much for confining them.

With seven older siblings his feet didn’t touch the floor much for a long time.  Or we could say he didn’t get much tummy time.  There may have been some that worried it would affect his development.  Maybe he would be delayed in crawling, sitting, or walking?  Nope, nope, and nope.  He did just fine with all of them, and got plenty of loving along the way. Now he is practically running, or at least walking quickly with his little steps.

Today, I had the fridge open doing something and he stepped up and was grabbing for something as high up as he could reach.  Uh-oh.  No wonder moms need eyes in the back of their heads!  At least we need to be alert at all times.

So here I am with my sweet baby’s first year coming to an end as he rushes towards toddler-hood.  Then at the other end of the spectrum, I have my oldest (my first baby boy) starting his Senior year of high school and planning his future away from his mommy and becoming more and more independent.  I can still remember when he was his baby brother’s age, toddling around, cuddling, and making messes.  Yep, the years go by fast.  I know I have to do my best to cherish them at every stage, because all too soon today is in the past.


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