Physical fitness goals are important

I think physical fitness is important.  At least it is to me.  I like being able to be active with my kids and I want to feel good and do what I want to do.  I don’t want to be held back because I didn’t take care of my body.  Of course there are things that hold us back that are beyond our control and thankfully I haven’t had much trouble there.  So I try to do what I can.

Tonight I was having a little dance party with my one year old who wanted to be held.  I turned on the music and got moving.  My goal was to get my steps in for the day to at least 7,000 on my fitness tracking device (mine is a Virgin Pulse Max).  My husband and I each were able to get one free through a program with his work.  Besides being free, it also allowed us a deduction with our health care costs.  We didn’t know what we would think of it.  Neither of us had ever used one before, so this was a first.

Today was a bit of a slow day around the house.  It was perfect weather for it too as it rained all day.  I got a lot of sorting through papers and shredding done today, but not much exercise.  My husband and I got out to the store and thought it would be a chance also to get a little walking in.  So I wasn’t in a huge rush in the store, I figured we could wander around to get in some steps.  As I kept looking at my “watch” to check my steps (not the time)  lol, I started kind of jogging in place and walking a little faster to try to get my count up.  It was really low for me for that time of day and I was determined to make my goal before bed, and hopefully by 10pm.

This is what led to my little dance party this evening.  I wasn’t about to make it to my goal unless I REALLY stepped it up!  I worked up a little sweat and could feel a little burn, but I made it!  At 9:59pm!  Yep, I did it.

This device on my arm doesn’t “help” me lose weight or get in shape.  Not directly anyway.  It’s not like some weight loss pill or something.  But it is a nice tool to help me set goals and stay on target.  It’s funny that my husband and I can compare how active we are to one another.  He got more steps in today than I did somehow.  Not sure what he was doing while I was sorting papers.  Anyway, it definitely helps us to be more aware of our activity.  I was thinking the other day how having a sedentary job would be a challenge to getting in enough movement each day.

Thought I would share this as I have just found that being aware of how much movement I get in each day really helps me in my fitness goals.  Keeping track has also helped me to even have a goal.  I didn’t have any set goal before.  I just did my thing.  But if you want to set goals to help you to be more active, you don’t have to wear a device to count your steps.  You could just set measurable goals for your self.  Like a 30 minute walk everyday, or taking the stairs instead of the elevator, or parking further away in the parking lots to get in more walking.  You could create a workout/dance/whatever time to do with your kids each day to get active.

Like counting calories keeps me more aware of what I choose to put into my body, counting my steps has helped me to make new choices when it comes to getting exercise.  So far it’s just been walking, but that’s a good start.  Next I should probably start counting calories a bit, or maybe keep track of what I’m eating.  Then I’d be more likely to make healthy food choices.  Maybe I’ll let you know later how that goes. 🙂


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