What does “Passionate” look like?

via Daily Prompt: Passionate

We would all like to be able to say that we are passionate about something I think.  But can we?  I’m not sure that most people could really say what they are passionate about.  It’s like the life long question that we long to answer or live out, if and when we can figure out what it is.

I would like to say that I am passionate about raising my children, because I love them very much and… I had much more to say about this topic, but I just learned a valuable lesson about writing.  Do NOT leave the computer where my three-year old can grab it and play personal editor.  As in deleting almost everything I spent the last couple hours writing.  Now I don’t feel that I have the time or patience to start over.  Although I would like to finish what I started so even if I don’t get in all what I had started with, I will at least share a bit of what I had been thinking.

So here is my thought on what passionate looks like.  Taking the time for what matters most to you.  Whether that be raising children, knowing your bible, teaching others, arts and crafts, learning, traveling, spending time with friends or family, or just having fun.  I’m finding more and more that I just need to be deliberate about making time for things that I enjoy.  Getting out for a hike with my kids, going to a fair, taking a trip to the ocean, or even just having a movie night together.  Enjoying time with those I love is probably my biggest passion.

This may not seem like much, I know it was short, but may it bring encouragement to you. May you think about what you are passionate about and find a way to pursue it!





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