Birthday Boy

My little boy R.D. just turned six a couple of days ago.  He went with me on sisters class field trip with sister S.R. and little brother M.D.  I drove about half the class in our fifteen passenger van.  After leaving the school I had everyone sing “Happy Birthday” to the birthday boy. 🙂  The class helped to pull ivy in a forest area.  After eating we had a nice hike and it was a beautiful sunny day.  At the end of the school day we were able to hang out a bit at the class for the first time before heading home.  Also when we got back to the school my daughter’s teacher had the kids sing “Happy Birthday” again in the parking lot.  He also sang him a special song in the park about being 6 and never being 5 again.  I hope he holds on to those special memories from his day.


P.J. and I went to the bank, got gas, picked up pizza from Papa Murphy’s and ice cream from Trader Joes.   We cooked three, family size pizzas for dinner and ate about 2 1/2 of them. R.D. was so cute when he was done eating.  He pushed his plate with part of a piece of pizza towards me and says “Birthday boy, birthday boy, birthday boy is all done”.  Ah ha ha ha, that was the cutest.  After dinner we all went on a family walk together.  That doesn’t happen much anymore. So it was a special treat to all get out as one big family.  I know there will be a day soon that it will be super-duper rare for that to happen.


Back at home we had cake and ice cream.  Big sister P.J. baked a chocolate cake and frosted it like the sky with clouds and balloons, with a big 6 on one balloon.  After dessert we gave him his gift from Grandma, a curious George DVD, and a wubbly ball/bubble thing.  Then I gave him our gift.  A Captain America costume.  He really loved it and had fun dressing up.  Big brother J.K. blew up the inflatable shield and helped him on with the mask.

Captain America! Birthday boy age 6.

Over all it was a pretty great day.  Beautiful weather, we got to spend a good part of the day out in nature and getting lots of exercise (that’s really great when you’re going to be eating cake and ice cream and pizza!) and the whole evening together as a family.  I’m thankful for my little boy who is growing up and blessed to have my family.


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