Home made laundry soap – DIY

Have you ever wondered how to make your own laundry soap at home?  I started making my own, I think a few years ago.  My first batch was the liquid kind where you melt the soap and add water in a big bucket.  Well I did that a couple, few times before I switched to the powdered kind.  Much easier and WAY less messy!  So this is what I’ve stuck with.  It is super easy and doesn’t take long.  Unless maybe you need to grate your soap by hand.  I use a Cuisinart mixer with the shredding blade.

I’ve changed up my formula, so don’t be afraid to do what works for you.  This is what I just used in my last batch.  We have a big family so I try to make a bunch at once.  I just use a big bucket to mix it and store it in, then I fill up the little Oxi Clean container for daily use.  img_7487So here is what I used for this batch:

  • Baking Soda, 13.5lb bag.
  • Borax, 2 boxes
  • OxiClean, 1 container
  • Kirk’s Castile soap, 3 bars

To make, grate up the bars of soap with a cheese grater.   Dump all the powders together in a big bucket, or container big enough to mix and store.  Add shredded soap and use hands to break soap into smaller pieces.   Just smush and rub together with the powder.

Well, that’s about it, pretty easy!   I bought my Baking Soda at Costco (big wholesale store).    The rest I bought at Fred Meyer (Kroger store).


The Oxi Clean also comes with a scoop, so your all set.  Although you don’t have to use the Oxi Clean.


This batch cost me $28.95.  I only use a small about per load, maybe 1-2 table spoons worth.  So it should last me a while.  My last batch went pretty quickly because my husband was doing the laundry.  I found out he was using about 3/4 or more of a scoop each time where as  I normally use maybe 1/4 of a scoop!  I just use the scoop that comes with the Oxi Clean.


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