Quesadilla “rolls”

So lately we’ve been making a lot of quesadillas for lunch, or whenever.  Tonight we had them for dinner before running off to wrestling practice.

All it takes is tortillas, cheese, and lunch meat.  Although you can use whatever you want! The other day I added grilled onions and lettuce to mine.  I also thought it would be yummy to add some mild chiles!  I did pick some up at the store, so maybe next time.

So lately I’ve been using the tortillas from Costco that are refrigerated and need to be cooked, along with their turkey lunch meat and shredded cheese.


When it’s time to make them, I put a couple tortillas on my electric skillet, cook a little and flip.  Add a “handful” of cheese, whatever works for you 😉 and a slice of lunch meat.  Then I use my spatula and a fork to fold it into thirds.  I usually flip it for a few seconds.  Pretty much just make sure that it is toasted to my liking and hot enough to melt the cheese.

IMG_7810.JPGDoing it this way makes two little quesadilla “rolls” at a time.  I just piled them all on a plate as I went so that we could sit down and eat together.  They don’t take to long and are super easy.  You can add whatever you want and maybe serve, sour cream, avocado, guacamole, or salsa on the side.  Or nothing at all.  They are yummy all on their own.


Another way to make them would be to add the ingredients and then put another tortilla on top.  Then cut into wedges like a pizza.  This is another good option and may make it easier to added additional ingredients.

Here is a link to a site I found that explains more about quesadillas and gives you more ideas of how to make them YUMMY!

Enjoy 🙂


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