The season for colds and scents

Colds are always going around, but it does seem like “the season” for colds to be happening.  My little ones have had a horrible cough that they are getting over, but it finally caught up with me!  Yuck.  So that just got me thinking about what I can do to help deal with this cough.  I feel pretty good except of the dreaded cough.  I’m doing good, and all of a sudden this feeling, I know what it is, it’s a coughing attack.  Not such a big deal at home, just annoying.  Out in public is another story.  The feeling comes and I try to get out the door as fast as I can.  If I’m lucky enough to have an escape.  To cough that horrible cough until the attack has subsided.

It also got me thinking about the effects of fragrances.  I know for me chemical fragrances are very irritating.  Even more so when I have a cold.  I hate walking through isles at the store that have detergents and soaps. I dread when someone sits next to me that is covered in perfume or scented lotion.  I have had to move away and find a new seat, or try my best not to breath in the perfume while hugging a friend.  And if I have a cold, these fragrances can be intolerable and cause a coughing attack.  Normally they can cause a headache and sore throat by exposure, so it’s even worse when I have a cold.

Things I do for my cold.

Try to get rest

Drink lots of water

Take a spoon of honey

Drink “tea” – hot water with honey and bergamot oil (1-3 drops)

Avoid being in an area that is overly warm.  Warm dry air can trigger coughing.

Take vitamins/supplements and eat healthy.

Avoid sugar.  Sugar suppresses the immune system.

Here are some pages to check out for ideas to help a cough.

About fragrances and their effects.


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