The beater is turning

Just now I was listening to the beater turning on my Kitchen Aid (that my mom gave me).  My daughter is busy in the kitchen making chocolate chip cookies, and it’s a quarter to 11 at night.  I’m also listening to little brother having conversation with his big sister while she makes cookies.  I don’t know why he’s not in bed, he’s been sent to bed already.  I don’t want to deal with it (I’m on the computer right now) and I enjoy listening to him ramble about different things with his sister.  So funny to listen to the things that come out of the mind of a six-year-old!

I can hear my oldest in his room talking to someone, probably on the phone.  Thankfully all the other younger kids seem to be asleep.  I’m finally learning to put my littlest down at night and let him cry for a few minutes then he falls asleep.  Even though he was asleep on his own, he still woke me up at 2:30 am last night/morning to come to my bed and nurse.  Now to figure out how to get him to sleep through the night on his own and not come to bed with me.  You would think that after having eight babies that I would have it down to a science, but I don’t.  I seem to have gotten softer with my babies as I had more.  My very first baby I put in his own bassinet.  I remember the first time we tried to let him cry it out.  It was 5 minutes of torture, and then he fell asleep!  Ha.  I think it would help if I had him in another room, I might try that soon.

So why is my daughter making cookies this late?  Because her big brother told her to.  I told him to go ask her nicely, but he thought he’s see what she would do if he just told her, “go make me cookies”.  Ha ha.  She says “okay”.  Then he asked nicely, but she just liked having an excuse to have cookies.  I’m glad she likes to bake and knows how.  I’d say mostly her dad taught her.  I’m sure I’ve baked with her before, but dad is usually the one to do most of the baking and I know they’ve baked together over the years.

I did teach my oldest how to bake scones, and make biscuits and brownies all from scratch.  He could do that on his own at twelve years old!  Not too shabby.  Now he acts like he doesn’t know how to boil water to cook noodles. He’s seventeen now and will be graduating high school this year.  Besides baking, he knows how to wash clothes (run the washer and dryer), wash dishes by hand (we don’t have an appliance to do that), take care of little ones if he has to, change a diaper if he must, drive a car (or van/bus in our case), and a truck with 3 on a tree (stick shift), take care of farm animals, weld (he’s quite good), work on the truck (right now he’s been working on the truck fixing damage from someone hitting the truck), and the list goes on.  Such a talented, loving, and hard-working guy.

Now my fifteen year old is sitting beside me crocheting a pot holder that a friend put in an order for.  She is very talented, and yes I did teach her everything she knows!  Okay, maybe not everything, I did say dad taught her something about baking.  🙂  So she is making some crocheted items for sale and she plans to put the money toward a mission trip that she wants to go on with her youth group.  They plan to travel to San Fransisco over Spring Break and work with the homeless.  This will be her first big trip away from home doing anything like this.

Awe there goes the beeper, maybe I will be eating a warm cookie here soon.  Or maybe I will fight the temptation.  We’ll see.

I went to my son’s wresting tournament this last Saturday.  He is my twelve-year-old.  I am so proud of how hard he works.  It’s fun to watch him wrestle because he really gives it all he has, and he is good.  The first couple tournaments he didn’t win any matches, but this last one he won 3 ot of 5, and he really could have won the others. Tonight I spent at his wrestling practice like I normally do a few nights a week.  I don’t always pay attention.  Sometimes I read a book or more recently have started working on crochet projects, like a little hat for my youngest.  But I am always so happy with how hard he works and never complains.  He is now one of the “bigger” kids in the group and often helps lead in stretches and drills.  This is his third year wrestling and the coaches hope that he will be wrestling for the high school in a couple of years.

My little girl was so excited at practice tonight.  I finally signed her up officially tonight to be able to wrestling in tournaments.  I could see her diligence in sticking with the practice and working hard because she knew she was officially wrestling and will be going to tournaments soon.  She is eight years old, and she has been begging me to sign her up like her brother.  I’m happy for her and a little nervous too, just like she is excited but a bit nervous too.

Mmmm, I can smell those cookies!  Maybe it’s time for milk and cookies, yum.  I’m so proud of all my kids.  And I’m glad my girl likes to bake.

P.S.  I did have my treat.  One cookie with milk.  And it WAS good.  Yum.


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