What a crazy busy time.

I think we all know what it’s like to be crazy busy from time to time.  Lately has been that kind of busy time for me.  There always is something to do and as usual too much to even keep up with.  Throw a three year old into the mix, just for fun, ha ha, and it’s a real challenge right?  What is it about three year olds anyway?  Mine seems to destroy everything and get into everything else and make messes.

Anyhow what has been keep me so crazy busy?  Well besides being my kids personal chauffeur to school, from school, to wrestling practice, and cleaning up after a three year old?  Laundry for eight.  Cooking for ten?  Okay, for real, I’ve been so busy lately that half the time it’s been cold cereal for dinner before we head out the door for wrestling practice.  So maybe not so much cooking.  Shopping for ten.  Yes.  Bread and milk only last so long when your making that many sandwiches, or toast, and eating all that said cereal for breakfast, snacks, and dinner!

Okay some of the more crazy stuff.  We had a leak behind our showers a few weeks back.  Turns out that in our house repiping the plumbing company failed to repipe up to the shower like they should have done and we ended up with a leak there.  So that means phone calls, workers coming to the house to set up machines, get estimates for work to be done, more phone calls, etc. and the bathroom is still torn up do to the water damage.  That mean more phone calls and scheduling to figure out what is going to get done exactly and when.  As of now, it will probably wait until after the new year since we’re looking at wanting to replace our tub and we have a guest coming for Christmas.  At least for now we have a working tub and toilet to use.  If we replace the tub and put down new flooring, it will mean taking those things out and the bathroom won’t be usable until all of that is put back together.

Just recently we switched carriers for our phone and internet.  We had a nice young lady who came to our door and made us a great offer that would save us tons of money on our month bill, so we went for it.  Sadly our first bill looked nothing like what we were promise which caused me to spend two hours on the phone with this company last week.  Still the changes weren’t showing up when we looked at our account online, so another hour on the phone for me yesterday to try to get things straightened out.  Remember these calls are being made with  the before mentioned three-year old in the house, and a fourteen month old, and a six-year-old, and an eight year old, and thankfully a fifteen year old too who helps a bit, and so does my eight year old.  But maybe you can imaging the dilemma here in these long drawn out phone calls.  At least it SEEMS that it was taken care of, but I foresee possible ridiculously long phone conversations in the near future.  But I hope not.

Traffic is crazy busy this time of year too!  Have you noticed?  I just love driving in the dark so I can enjoy all the lights of traffic!  Just kidding.  I’ve been spending hours on the road lately.  Especially since my oldest has been working on our truck so we are down to one vehicle, which means driving back and forth all over town and lots of gas!  Dropping of two kids at school, drive across town to drop off my oldest and back home.  Later do it all over again and go home.  Snack on that cereal I was mentioning before heading out the door again for wrestling.  Hang out at wrestling and go back home to snack some more because they are all hungry after their work out.  Get to bed later that we want to because everyone needs to eat and take turns getting their showers in after their workout.

Sound cazy busy yet?  I know I’m not the only one.  Maybe I’ll get up in time to figure out something to throw into the crockpot tomorrow so that we don’t end up eating cereal for dinner.   Maybe I’ll even make some pancakes for my six year old who was aking for them for dinner tonight.  Because we’re running low on cereal anyway!


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