New year, new goals?

So I was looking at my Facebook post from last year where I talked about my goals for 2016.  I realized that I didn’t meet those goals to well and they pretty much summed up what my goals should be for this year.  Any one else in the same boat?

Now to figure out how to really accomplish those goals and not let another year slip by without taking action to move forward.  Like so many people I have health goals to meet.  Eating well, exercising more, and shedding a few pounds.  Easier said than done though, right?!

Budgeting?  Who wants to do that?  I know I find it hard to take the time to deal with bills, let alone sit down regularly to work on budgeting.  By the time I wrangle little kids off to bed, it’s so easy to waste my time on the computer and get nothing done at all.

Some things I don’t get started on because there is a cost to it.  Like buying a big calendar that might help us to stay on track and organize our time better.  Storage bins to help make better use of our space.  Heck, I’ve had broken laundry baskets for the last couple of years because it was never a convenient time to buy new ones!  Just the other week I finally  saw some I liked on sale and bought four of them.  (We have a lot of clothes!)  And a couple of days ago we were at the store and the storage bins I wanted were finally on sale so we bought all five that were on the shelf.  I still need to make use of them, but now I have them.

We used to have a budget and I even used the envelope system and paid cash for things.  I spent way less money this way and was more responsible  and fugal with my money.  It’s so easy to get in the habit of using a card for everything and it’s just not as real as money being gone from your wallet.

Boy it’s hard to eat as healthy as I want over the holidays when people give us yummy chocolates and of course when we have delicious baked goods.   Hubby made fudge and pecan pie over Christmas and another pecan pie for New Years.  I think I could have eaten the whole thing  myself!  I think I may have put on a couple of pounds this last week!  Headed the wrong way there!

Today I did pick up vegetables at the store and noticed this evening that my husband made juice while I was away at wrestling practice with the kids.  I was just thinking we should juice and then bam! there it was!  LOL.  We seem to think the same like that a lot.

I went for a couple long walks the last week.  My shins were so sore after that it took several days for them to feel better.  I was glad that by New Year’s Eve I was able to take a walk around down town with the family and my legs didn’t hurt anymore.  Now if I can just make sure to keep getting in that kind of exercise to help meet my health goals.

Just some thoughts on goals for the year.  While I was saved having to think up new goals, I really don’t want a repeat of this next year.  I want to be able to look back and say “Wow, I did it”.   Well, here’s to a fresh start.  Happy New Year 2017!


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